"Awarded New York Public Library's "One Hundred Titles for Reading and Sharing""

The Six Fools

Adaptaded by Joyce Carol Thomas, Illustrated by Ann Tanksley

Who's the biggest fool?
The silly girl?
The silly man?
The silly woman?
The silly farmer?

In this outrageously funny tale, our hero finds foolish folks aplenty and true love.

During her travels in the Gulf States in the 1930s, Zora Neale Hurston recorded stories told by the people she met, to preserve their rich oral legacy. the six fools is one of the stories collected in every tongue got to confess, her third volume of folklore. It has been masterfully adapted for children by National Book Award winner Joyce Carol Thomas. Renowned artist Ann Tanksley puts the six fools in a retro- 1930s setting in her brilliantly colored oil monoprints.

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Excerpt from The Six Fools